Critique Your Own – House Fly

I was going to call this blog “How S**T are my photo’s?” but I have thankfully called this Critique Your Own.

You’re probably thinking who is this guy? and what on earth is Critique Your Own? Well! Let me, let you who I am.

My Name is Christopher Revell. I am a father, a husband and I love photography. I started taking photos about 2 years ago with my Samsung S7, I am now rocking a Nikon D7200 DSLR.

Now for the other thing, “Critique Your Own” is where I will Critique my own photo’s that I have posted on social media. Now, you’re asking why? It’s so that I can get better at photography and learn from my mistakes.

This week’s image is of a Housefly that you would find in your garden or as the name suggests, in your house. I’m happy to say this image was taken outside, to my wifes delight.

What I like:

1. The composition is great
2. Love the warm green colours that are coming from the leaves.
3. The level of detail on the fly is great and you can see the hairs on its legs and back (I think I can hear people be sick)

What I don’t like:

1. The background is too busy and not clean. You can see intersecting leaves, which for me take my eye away from the image.
2. There is not enough detail on the eye. Now this image has been compressed because of Instagram file size and image size, which makes it have no detail.
3. The final point is that I didn’t have enough depth of field on the subject. It was shot at f/8 and I probably need to be shot at F/11 or higher.

Let me what you think in the comments below